new website

So this year for Christmas Christopher made me my very own website. It's still under construction, but check it out!! :) www.ringleinphotography.com



Air Show

these pics are from the Air Show we went to at Lackland Air Force Base it was amazing


a mouse a mouse!!!!

so we're watchin tv and sebastian leaves to use the potty, caydon follows. a couple minutes later sebastian comes out and says "look daddy" and christopher gets up and says "put it down put it down!!!!" and i still can't see what he has. then i get up and look...that little guy pictured above is what we see. he was practically dead which is why sebastian could pick him up. i gelt kinda bad for him, i think he was poisoned or soemthing. anyway, we took him into the field and i'm pretty sure hes laying in the same spot now, hopefully not living anymore, poor littel guy.


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Natasha Ringlein
Las Vegas, NV 89138

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email: natasharinglein@yahoo.com


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http://www.Natasharinglein.com/ My new website, it's not ready yet, but should be up and running by 30JUL 2014


just something to put up...b/c i'm dying to edit pictures

these are just some pics of my boys...not any particular shoots...just some random shots of their beauty. :)



This is my wingman alisa and my first shoot (besides my family) since before i left for boot camp, so i was pretty excited. i've also educated myself a little more in photoshop so i had some extra fun with these pictures! i can't wait for another shoot with her!


more of my family

this is my cute little family. a day at the park and and trying to get back into photography.